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O2 Class Camper (750-1100Kg)

O2 Class Off Road Karavan Standard Feature

Empty  Weight : 750 kg. /  Loading Capacity  :1100 kg.

*Patented 100% Aluminium Frame &  double layers chassis design
*High UV resistent 1st class 100%  aluminium outer body coating, composite panel
*4mm panel thickness & 0,50mm aluminium plate thickness
*Composite panel structure with more rigid and strong white core filling than its peers
*30 mm thick siliconized glass wool filling on the ceiling and all walls - high heat and sound insulation
*45 mm siliconized glass wool filling on the floor - high heat and sound insulation
*4 seasons Maximum heat insulation 40 mm Wall thickness - (Total thermal conductivity  U = 0.938 Wm2/K )
*2 Sliding side windows- colored  glass - Compact design Pleated Curtain and Flynet
*1 pc 50x50cm smoked colored ceiling ventilation glass
*1 pc 50x150 cm large side door -  Pleated flynet on the door starting from the floor
*Sliding aluminum entrance step
*Customised 3 sections  MAXI front storage area (190x100x45 cm)
*180 cm wide special section in the front storage for long  equipment like Fishing Rod/ Gun / Ski
*Front storage section (90x45x70 cmm) which is suitable for carrying dogs
*2.5 kg camping cylinder in front storage area
*6L diesel fuel tank in front storage area
*12 V 5 LT/min hydrophore in front storage area
*Electrical installation of spare battery connection in front storage area


*180 cm internal height allowing to stand up inside
*110 cm Kitchen with 3 drawers
*Arçelik Built-in glass stove with wok ignition 3800w
*42cm Built-in micro linen textured kitchen sink + shower headed hot/cold tap
*100X70 cm Special section for shower tray with shower curtain
*50-53 Lt clean water storage ( 11x65x75cm)
*50-53 Lt dirty water storage ( 11x65x75cm)
*Marin plywood furniture & floor covering (100% water/ moisture resistent- 3 layers painting - polished)
*140X180 cm double bed practical usage / 6 people sofa
*330 Lt closed storage area under the sofa
*Artifical leader sofa  filled with 32 denstiy gray foam
*170 x 45x 50 cm Wardrobe with 2 drawers
*4 shelves next to the door
*Russian birch plywood interior covering  ( water/ moisture resistent- 3 layers painting + polished)
*65 amper jel accumulator- up to 7 hours in and out lighting capacity
*50 w solar panel & conncetor set& digital accumulator charge status display
*9 pinned  vehicle connector socket (simultaneous charging possibility of accumulators with the back signalisation)
*3 pcs usb charger in cabin
*12v led in and out lights

220 v electricty / 4 pcs plugs
Portable table in & out usage
2 pcs Portable camp chairs

*Knot/ Alko break coupling 750-1300kg
*Knot/Alko axel 1050kg Winterhoff jockey wheel- front support leg
*Alko- 2pcs back support legs
*195x80 x R15 -  AT  offroad tyres (4 season)
*5 stud- R15 alm. Offroad rims
*2 pcs of 20 lt locked storage sections on 2 sides behind the fenders
*Tyres for City Camper 215 65 r15

Optional Accessories and Equipment
*Special design spare tyre  & bicycle and paramotor hanger- 100kg loading capacity from 60X60 mm profile
*Spare tyre ( 195x80 x R15 -  AT  offroad tyre)Aluminum rims.
*Portable cassette wc 20lt

*Webasto diesel heater stc 2000

*60 lt 2 system Fridge (12v /220 V )-  (gas or kompressor)
*12 V 6Lt Water Boiler
*Additional 65 amper jel accumulator + 50watt solar panel
*200cmX 300cm  Side Sun Shade
*300cm X300cm  Side Sun Shade ( side and front wall can close to form a tent)
 * PVC camouflage outside body covering for Hunter Camper

O2 Class Camper (750-1100Kg) Images