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GeoCamper OffRoad 350


                                 INSPIRATION OF SIMPLICITY...



The GeoCamper OffRoad NEW model offers more options than editing from the basic features line with its enlarged interior and renewed face.


*External Dimensions Net : Full length 460cm - Cabin 350x200x195cm - Chassis Ground Height 47cm - Tail Ground Height 80cm - Caravan Total Height 240cm

*Egg-shaped oval tail design resistant to tail tubulence.

*4-person bed capacity: 120x192cm double bed or 4-person sitting group (dining table integrated)

*Shower /WC - Kitchen is inside.

* 720 kg standard hardware weight.

*Option to be licensed in O1 below 750kg or O2 above 750kg class.

*Flooring / interior walls and all furniture FULL WATER-RESISTANT NATURAL WOOD A quality Okume/Exotic Marine plywood.

*65 LT Clean water tank (in-tank heating system against freezing of your water at "-" degrees) - 11 lt/min Booster - fully silent operation and protection water against running without water - External mains clean water connection - 12 mm pneumatic water system - pneumatic connection jacks and check valve protector.

*340 watt/h A quality Mono crystal solar flexible panel - Laminated on the roof.

*30 ah Mppt Solar charge controller

*220V external energy input - 220V socket at 3 points - (20ah fuse protected)

*40 mm wall thickness Thermal Conductivity Coefficient L: 0.939 W/m2K - 61 mm floor thickness - Thermal Conductivity Coefficient U: 0.644 W/m2K - EXCELLENT INSULATION with 8-layer UNIQUE wall structure - It excludes the inner perspiration on the entire caravan surface and does not let the outer perspiration inside vapor barrier coating - Keeps HEAT in at maximum values ​​- Keeps SOUND out - Keeps WATER and MOISTURE out.

* 40x80cm Outward opening full black glass safetyglass CE CERTIFIED Windows.- Full dark curtains and mosquito nets combined with the window.

*55x150 large size main entrance door - interior/exterior double layer aluminum composite panel covered rigid fully rigid door - double security lock - Full height pleated fly screen combined to the door.

*40x80cm sunroof heki black glass safetyglass CE CERTIFIED - Combined full dark curtain and mosquito net to the window.

*20x70 cm Fixed rear window - black glass safetyglass CE CERTIFIED - Full dark curtain combined with the window.

*42 cm big size kitchen sink -micro linen textured -hot/cold water installation and black armature-top of the sink- cutting board- 2 black glass lpg cooker - gas cut-off safety +aygaz mini tube and hood set (optional 10lt lpg tank)

* 45x82 cm dining table -okume marine plywood - practical connection - foldable legs - can be integrated into the kitchen counter or used between the rear seats.

* 100x70 oval bathroom module - 70x70 oval shower tray - 70 cm bathroom cabinet - ceramic mini washbasin - hot / cold water installation - 150 cm spiral hose shower / sink mixer set.

*optional knott independent suspension /webasto diesel heater options /12V 6LT water heater/12 LT water heater working with 12V+ LPG/10lt lpg tank (can be filled from gas station)/side tent options/outdoor shower / etc. many options can be added

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