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Who We Are ?

Thanks to my family’s passion for nature, I spent my childhood camping, fishing and trekking in oak wood forests of the Yıldız Mountains in Thrace Region. I have gone out for sportive hunting with my father. I have enjoyed spending time outdoors in harmony with nature.

I've been doing gymnastics since elementary school, playing football and tennis at advanced levels at high school and university. Windsurf passion is added to those sports in the following years. Alaçatı windsurf center in İzmir Turkey has become my second home. Paragliding and skiing are also part of my life for years. From Salda Lake to Blacksea, Gökçeada to Austrian Alps I have done outdoor sports in different sites.

I’ve learnt what it means to be capable of moving actively in order to do sports in different outdoor conditions.

I have 2 university degrees in the fields of Business Administration & Economics, lived 1 year in England. In the meantime, I have established my own companies. I have designed, produced and still producing almost all the elements that a building needs, from a PVC window to kitchen furniture…

As I spent so much time in nature, I saw that the world's most beautiful sports centers were untouched and there was no facility.

First, I wanted to buy a caravan, but none of them met my dreams and needs completely. Through the designer and nature sportsman eyes I saw all the missing features in existing caravans and covered all those in my own design and production. Outdoor sportsman friends of mine, who suffered from the same challenges, encouraged me to realize this project.

And we invented worldwide patented GeoCamper.

With it’s materials, isolation, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, sofa, bed, all your dining needs can be met in this light, yet durable and stylish caravan suitable for summer and winter on&off-road conditions.

GeoCamper was born at the same time with my daughter, and now you have the opportunity to enjoy this privilege.

If you wanted to buy an offroad caravan now is the right time!