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GeoCamper OffRoad CLASSIC

O1 Class - 715 kg.

Anywhere Outdoor , Anytime of the Year

Outdoor athletes know well that the primary need in nature is to have durable, reliable, fit-for-purpose, lightweight equipment.

One of the most important features that makes the GeoCamper Caravan different is that it was designed by an Outdoor Athlete, focusing on the needs of nature camps.

GeoCamper is a caravan created by blending high material knowledge, years of manufacturing experience and engineering.

GeoCamper does not make you carry unnecessary loads or unnecessary volumes that you do not need when you are moving in nature. That's why you always feel its ability to move in nature, its agility, flexibility and solid body structure with you. At the same time, it preserves the required volume, offers you your usage area in the most efficient way, and does this by taking into account all basic needs. .

It has necessary and sufficient wet and dry storage areas and practical material fastening systems for Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Paragliding, Paramotor, Treking, Mountain biking, Kayaking, Scuba diving, Canoeing, Inflatable boat  or camping equipment. You can easily attach dozens of different materials to the caravan on the body consisting of T-CHANNEL ALUMINUM profiles and easily remove them after use.

With its dynamic design, GeoCamper comes with you as far as your vehicle can go in nature. It provides a safe environment for you and your materials at that last point you need in nature.

It is designed for Off Road conditions with its WORLD PATENTED body construction consisting of 100% aluminum. It has a durability that defies years even in laterally sloping, rugged, and most challenging terrain conditions. Thanks to its solid body structure consisting of 6063 P66F25 hardness grade Aluminum Profiles, it does not cause any problems of opening, cracking or water intake at the joints after torsion or lateral loads caused by land slopes.
GeoCamper is produced as a whole with a high-level material combination that will withstand natural conditions at the maximum level.
The Aluminum Composite panel structure, which covers all external surfaces and bottom of the GeoCamper like a complete shell, has a 20-year UV resistance guarantee and is a much stronger, longer-lasting and higher-level material than the traditional caravan structure using FRP (fiberglass).
In nature, ISOLATION comes first. GeoCamper offers you perfect HEAT-SOUND-WATER insulation with its 8-layer wall structure of 40 mm.
U=0.938 W/m²K on Ceiling and Walls - U=0.589 W/m²K on Floor
This unique Insulation provides you with excellent thermal insulation and home-like accommodation in the cabin, even when you are under the hot sun in your summer camps or at (-) degrees at altitudes of +1600 m in your winter camps. It even provides the opportunity to stay and sleep in the cabin by maintaining your body temperature even without running any heater.

GeoCamper has an uninterrupted (off grid) energy system that can be fully charged from scratch with a few hours of sunlight, thanks to its 340 Watt Flexible Monocrystalline Solar Panel + 100 Ampere Carbol Gel Battery + 30a Mppt Solar Charger regulator capacity.
The fact that the kitchen and shower are inside and the ability to stand inside are among the features that distinguish it from other Off Road caravans.
Thanks to its compact design, it is small when viewed from the outside but has sufficient volume once inside. With its interior height reaching 190 cm, you do not need opentop ceiling systems to stand inside. Therefore, it does not lose its insulation value in any way. During winter camping, you can even sleep inside without using a heater.
With its 230 cm height and 190 cm width, you can pass even difficult trails in forested areas without getting stuck in trees. Since the tire track width is the same as the width of many SUVs or pickup vehicles, you do not have to constantly think about the caravan when maneuvering off-road.
During deep water crossings, you can wade through water up to 50 cm deep without any problems. With a tail separation angle of 26 degrees, you can proceed in V-passages without getting stuck with the caravan tail. With the optional INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION option, you can continue on your way more safely even in more difficult terrain conditions.
Marine Contra Natural Wood materials with water-resistant WBP glue were used in all furniture and interior flooring, and materials such as PVC membrane coating/laminate flooring/chipboard/mdflam/pvc paneling were not used anywhere in the caravan.
All furniture designs are original and ergonomic

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