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GeoCamper City Summer 440

GeoCamper City Caravan types.

The aim of the Geo Camper brand is to provide you with comfort and safety wherever you go. GeoCamper City is designed for travelers. Whether you are visiting cities, historical ruins or natural areas, GeoCamper City, with its dynamic design and insulation, allows you to travel comfortably in summer and winter and enter with your caravan wherever your car can go. Since the toilet, shower, kitchen and dining table are inside, it allows you to stay comfortably in the city. It provides comfortable use in the city or in camps thanks to its bed capacity for 4 people, 130 lt deep refrigerator, large kitchen, electric toilet, side awning, hot water at any time - 90 lt clean water / 40 lt gray / 25 lt black water tanks. It is a unique caravan that defies natural deformation for years with its solid body structure made of 100% Aluminum.

It is closer to the asphalt thanks to its tires suitable for asphalt use, compatible with Class B vehicles. GeoCamper City is a faster and easier towable caravan that does not catch wind on the road.

The City model weighs 990 kg with O2 class Standard equipment. With a B-e2 class driver's license, you can tow with almost any vehicle in class B.

If you wish, GeoCamper City is also produced in the O2 Caravan class and can be used with a loading capacity of up to 1300 kg.


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