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GeoCamper City Long 600

GeoCamper City-Long / Tiny House O2 Class - 1650 kg - 4-6 person

GeoCamper Aluminum Tiny House

The most basic feature that distinguishes GeoCamper caravans from other caravans is the PCT World patented Aluminum Caravan Production Technology. Every GeoCamper Caravan produced with this production technique has the guarantee of durability-lightness-easy drawability coming from aluminum.
GeoCamper City-Long weighs only 1650 kg with its 33 m3 volume. Patented Aluminum skeleton and chassis construction provides both enough lightness and much more strength than needed. Thanks to this balanced structure, there is an important difference that allows you to navigate safely on the road with GeoCamper City-Long. A more easily towable mass results in less fuel consumption.
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