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  • 180 cm Inside Height-Kitchen-Wc-Dush-Sit&Bed Inside
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  • Off Road Desing 42 cm Body Height & 80 cm Tail Heigh from the Ground
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  • 190x180 cm expandable bed 4 person


One Camper Four Seasons On &Off Road

The most important feature that makes GeoCamper Caravans different from other caravans is that it is the only Aluminum Caravan produced with a world patented production technique.

This PCT WORLD PATENT is the registration that it is a completely original product and offers its user many innovations and benefits that have not been used in any other caravan before.


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What benefits does GeoCamper caravans Patent bring to you?

It has a perfect balance of Internal volume & Lightness & Durability..

It has a very durable skeleton made of T-channel aluminum sigma profiles and an outer covering made of Aluminum Composite - it is both light, strong and flexible.

The wall structure consists of 8 layers - with varying thicknesses from 40mm to 65mm.

In this way, GeoCamper; It has an excellent THERMAL & SOUND  insulation value

U=0.938W/m²K on walls and ceiling  - U=0.589 W/m²K on floor..
In this way, GeoCamper; It has the durability and flexibility to defy the years, whether in the rain, under the burning sun, or in the roughest, most challenging Off Road conditions.

The unique flexibility provided by Aluminum Sigma Profiles is the solution to the biggest problem of traditional caravans: weld breakage in the iron chassis, breakage, opening at corner joints, cracking on fiber surfaces and subsequent water intake, which will occur after flexing in the field.

GeoCamper is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, it provides its own energy using the latest technologies, and you can stay freely anywhere. It does not oblige you to go to caravan camping or crowded accommodation.

It provides maximum fuel economy for the towing vehicle. With its lightness and different design, it creates a much lower wind resistance compared to standard caravans, and the risk of tail turbulence is much lower.

It provides maximum fuel savings in cabin interior heating, heats up much more easily compared to standard caravans, and maintains its interior temperature for a very long time.

GeoCamper has the capacity to provide its own energy with Solar Flexible Panels and Gel/Lifepo4 batteries without needing a 220 volt network anywhere.

GeoCamper interior design uses entirely high-end, water-resistant natural wood MARİNE  materials. Materials such as chipboard and MDF, which are prone to deformation, are not used at any point.